Welcome to the Women’s All-Pro Tour

If you’re here, you’re either a player or a parent of a player who has a dream of playing on the LPGA Tour. Choosing a path to the LPGA has never been more important. The path is certainly not easy and sometimes, the path has not been clear. This is why we have built the WAPT.

Why We Have Built The WAPT

For almost 30 years, K&G Sports has built the All Pro Tour (men’s tour formerly the Adams Pro Tour) with the single idea of preparing post-college players for a life on the PGA Tour. We now bring this experience to the women in professional golf with the WAPT.

PATH – Process, Atmosphere, Tools, and Help

The philosophy of the WAPT is simple, provide a Process that creates an Atmosphere of competition while providing the Tools required to improve a players game. And finally, Help them along the way with empathy and advice. It’s that same formula for the APT that has helped launch the careers of Andrew Landry, Austin Cook, Bubba Watson, and Kramer Hickok (pictured below).



The process began as a junior golfer, continued through high school and college, and now it continues as a young professional. Preparing for the next level requires:

  • 72-Hole Championships:  All events on the WAPT will be 72-hole championships. The LPGA plays them, The Epson Tour plays them and most importantly, the LPGA Qualifying School plays 72 hole events. There is no better way to prepare for life on the LPGA Tour than playing in 72-hole tournaments.
  • Cuts: They are a part of life on tour and are a part of every event on the WAPT.
  • Course Setup: It is important to play in conditions very similar to the LPGA Tour. And course set up is key to preparing your game for the next level. WAPT yardages will depend on several daily factors such as wet conditions, wind and carry yardages. But course lengths will be between 6,300 and 6,800 yards in length.  As a reference, the LPGA Q-Series played the Pinehurst courses right at 6,600 yards.


  • Tough competition:  The WAPT attracts the top talent from across the country. Learning to compete and win against the best, prepares your game for the next level.
  • Pro-Ams: Love them or hate them, they are a part of professional golf. Sponsors support the events and want access to the stars. Learning how to play in pro-ams is critical to a player’s development.
  • Pro-am Parties: Players learn to use various tournament functions as a networking tool. Fans, private housing and sometimes sponsor support are found at tournament parties.
  • Media: Whether you’re off a good round or bad, it’s important to know how to handle yourself in front of the media. Post round interviews, answering the tough questions and getting comfortable in front of the camera will pay dividends when you get in the hunt at an Epson Tour or LPGA event.



  • Professional Yardage Books: Each WAPT tournament will have tour-quality yardage books available for purchase just like the Epson Tour and LPGA. It’s a tool of the trade and the information they provide can mean the difference in winning or finishing second.
  • Trackman: Known as the best launch monitor in the game. Trackman is being used by the best of the LPGA and PGA. As a partner of the WAPT, Trackman will be available each week for players to use in order to dial in their game.


  • Advice: Achieving your dreams of playing the LPGA Tour is rarely done alone. The WAPT will be there every step of the way to provide counsel and advice if needed.
  • Housing: Private housing is not for everyone, but for those needing help to save money, it’s a valuable asset.
  • Deep Product Discounts: Face it, not all of us are fortunate enough to get free product.  The WAPT has partnered with the top companies in the business to provide WAPT players deep discounts on much-needed equipment.