1. Miranda Wang


Hometown: Beijing, China

College: Duke University

Year Turned Pro: 2021


2022 Achievements:

  • PXG Player of the Year
  • Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Open Champion
  • Beaumont Emergency Hospital Open Champion
  • 6 Top-10’s in 8 starts


“At the beginning of the season when I learned that PXG and WAPT were putting up the race to stage 2 together, I aimed to finish in the top 5, that was my goal. And now I feel very blessed to finally accomplish that goal, and I’m very grateful to PXG for this opportunity. The effect on me: knowing that I finished top of the race really gives me confidence going into Q school!”


2. Mariel Galdiano 

Hometown: Pearl City, HI 

College: UCLA 

Turned Pro: 2020 


2022 Achievements:

  • Oscar Williams Classic Champion
  • Heritage Classic Champion
  • First back-to-back champion in Race To Stage II history
  • 6 Top-10’s in 8 starts
  • US Women’s Open Qualifier


“Finishing in the top 5 of the WAPT/ PXG Race to Stage II has taken a lot of the financial and mental pressure of Stage 1 Q-School for me. I’ve learned how to manage my emotions and play with confidence while in contention through this year’s program which I’ll always look back to when I am in similar situations in the future on Epson/LPGA.”


3. Amanda Tan

Hometown: Singapore

Year Turned Pro: 2017


2022 Achievements:

  • FCA Women’s Championship Champion
  • Texarkana Children Charities Open Champion
  • 4 Top-3’s in 10 starts


“Having the PXG Race to Stage 2 on the WAPT has allowed me to stay competitive throughout this season, especially not being able to compete for over 2 years back home in Singapore. It has allowed me to get into a good competitive mindset. It has also allowed me to learn a lot about my game and what I can improve, especially going into stage 2.”


4. Sarah Rhee

Hometown: Seattle, WA 

College: University of Washington

Turned Pro: 2020


2022 Achievements:

  • 11 Top-10’s in 12 starts
  • Did not miss the cut in any event
  • Most birdies on the season (167)


“The PXG Race to Stage II has effectively changed my life. As many people know, it is a financially difficult journey as a female professional golfer. The opportunities are slim and many walk away from the dream because of financial issues. To be candid, I was ready to walk away from this life at the end of the year. Having to ask and raise funds was the hardest part of the job, but a necessary one. Not having to go back to Stage 1 of LPGA Q School was not only an emotional relief, but a financial one as well. This includes the PXG scholarship that will help me pay for Stage II as well as Q-Series. This allows me more time to focus on my craft and being the best I can be on the golf course.”


5. Kathleen Scavo

Hometown: Benicia, CA 

College: University of Oregon

Turned Pro: 2019


2022 Achievements:

  • Mackie Construction Pro Golf Classic Champion
  • 4 Top-3’s in 5 starts
  • US Women’s Open Qualifier


“I Want to thank the WAPT for the opportunity to play with elite competition this season. As the Official Qualifying Tour for the LPGA’s Epson Tour, the WAPT helps women players like me realize our dreams of playing professional golf.  Generous corporate sponsors like PXG, event organizers and host families all make the dream of playing professionally possible as well.”


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