It’s hard to trace the emergence of personal financial backers in professional golf because they’ve been around for a long time. The cost of chasing a pro career is steep: Travel, hotels, equipment, caddies, food—the list goes on. To wholeheartedly pursue that dream, many players seek out cash to help them along the way.

Imagine: You’re an aspiring Tour pro, grinding at your home course. An eager member catches sight of your smooth move and strikes up a conversation. A few lunches later they offer to support your golf ambitions for a year. Or, better yet, they introduce you to a buddy who will make it three. You can finally quit the side-hustles that funded your golf and focus on the task at hand. Some players enter these types of agreements as budding professionals and find success. Others don’t have access or become overwhelmed by deals that are ambiguous, burdensome or a combination of both.

Enter Carry Golf. Founded in 2021 by Donnie Dotson—a former human intelligence agent turned Goldman Sachs manager—Carry allows fans to invest in an up-and-coming cohort of golfers. The company not only offers a potential return, but it also streamlines the fundraising process for players who have a real shot at successful careers.

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