Local Rules and Terms of the Competition
Version 3.2.22

The Rules of Golf effective January 1, 2019, govern play as modified by the APT & WAPT Tours. See the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf for Model Local Rule references. See the applicable weekly “Notice to Competitors” for additional Local Rules.

Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule is the general penalty.

1. Out of Bounds – Rule 18.2
a. A ball that comes to rest beyond a road defining out of bounds, is out of bounds, even though it may lie on another part of the course.
b. Boundary Objects: When defined by stakes or a property fence, the boundary edge is defined by the line between the course-side points of the stakes or fence posts at ground level, and those stakes or fence posts are out of bounds. When defined by a public road, the inside edge closest to the golf course defines the boundary.
c. Lines: When defined by a painted line on the ground, the boundary edge is the course-side edge of the line, and the line itself is out of bounds. When a line on the ground defines the boundary edge, stakes may be used to show where the boundary edge is, but they have no other meaning.

2. Back-On-the-Line Relief.
Model Local Rule E-12 is in effect. A ball may be played from outside the relief area, so long as the ball is within one club-length of where it first touched the ground when dropped in the relief area.

3. Abnormal Course Conditions – Rule 16.1
a. Ground Under Repair includes:
i. Areas completely encircled with white lines or otherwise specified.
ii. Drainage ditches filled with stones (i.e.French drains).
iii. Sod seams (but no relief for stance), under Model Local Rule F-7.
b. Immovable Obstructions include:
i. White-lined areas tying into an obstruction.
ii. Landscaped or garden areas completely encircled by an obstruction

4. Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Greens.
Model Local Rule F-5 is in effect and is modified as follows: For a ball in the general area, relief is allowed when both the ball and obstruction lie in an area cut to fairway height or less. The obstruction must be,
i) within two club-lengths of the putting green, ii) on the player’s line of play, and iii) the ball must be within two club-lengths of the obstruction.

5. Limiting When Stroke Made from Putting Green Must be Replayed.
Model Local Rule D-7 is in effect and modifies Exception 2 to Rule 11.1b

6. Integral Objects.
a. Bunker Liners. Note: An exposed liner may be treated as ground under repair by the Committee (but no relief for stance).
b. The portion of cables, wires, wrappings, poles, or antennas where closely attached to trees or objects defining out of bounds.
c. Artificial retaining walls and/or pilings located within penalty areas.
d. Gates attached to objects defining out of bounds.

7. Permanent Elevated Power Lines.
Model Local Rule E-11 is in effect. If it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball hit a power line, (or tower or a wire or pole supporting a power line) the stroke does not count. The player must play a ball without penalty from where the previous stroke was made.

8. Temporary Immovable Obstructions – (TIOs).
Model Local Rule F-23 is in effect.
a. Either side relief is available as an extra option for Line of Sight Interference for TIOs listed on the applicable “Notice to Competitors”. Note: This does NOT apply to a player with only physical interference.

9. Clubs and the Ball.
a. Replacing Club that is Broken or Significantly Damaged – Model Local Rule G-9 is in effect.
b. List of Conforming Driver Heads – Model Local Rule G-1 is in effect.
c. Groove and Punch Mark Specifications – Model Local Rule G-2 is in effect but is modified as the exception to G-2 does NOT apply.
d. List of Conforming Golf Balls – Model Local Rule G-3 is in effect.

10. Pace of Play – Rule 5.6b(3)
2022 APT/WAPT TOUR Pace of Play Policy is in effect as it reads on the APT/WAPT websites.

11. Stopping Play; Resuming Play – Rule 5.7
Model Local Rule J-1 is in effect as follows:
a. One long blast of horn: Immediate suspension for a dangerous situation. Play must stop immediately, no exceptions. Failure to stop immediately results in disqualification.
b. Three short blasts of horn: Suspension for the non-dangerous situation.
c. Two short blasts of horn: Resume play. Note: During an immediate suspension for a dangerous situation, all practice areas are closed until the Committee declares them open. 

12. Practice – Rule 5
a. Before or between rounds in stroke play – Model Local Rule I-1.1 is in effect and Rule 5.2b is modified as follows: A player must not practice on the competition course, but may practice on the designated practice areas.
b. Between holes in stroke play – Model Local Rule I-2 is in effect and Rule 5.5b is modified as follows: A player must not make any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the hole just played or test the surface of that putting green by rubbing the green or rolling a ball.

13. Transportation.
Model Local Rule G-6 is in effect and is modified as follows: A player or caddie must not ride on any transportation, except as authorized or later approved by the Committee. A player operating under a stroke and distance penalty is always authorized

14. Scorecard Returned.
A player’s scorecard has been returned to the Committee when the player has exited the defined scoring area with both feet. Prior to returning the scorecard, a player that leaves the scoring area must inform the scoring official of their intention to immediately return.

15. When Result of Competition is Final.
The competition is final when all scores have been validated in the scoring system by the scoring official and approved by the Committee. In the event of a play-off, the competition is final when the play-off scores have been approved by the Committee


Office Number 817-567-3654

Chad Ginn, chad@kgsportsco.com
APT Director of Rules and Competition

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