2020 Symetra Tour Exemptions

The Symetra Tour and Women’s All Pro Tour (WAPT) continue their partnership in 2020 to promote and enhance opportunities for women to play professional golf and earn spots in Symetra Tour events.

As the official qualifying tour of the LPGA Tour, the Symetra Tour is known as the “Road to LPGA.” The WAPT is now known as the ‘Official Qualifying Tour’ for the Symetra Tour.

The WAPT will host ten (10) to twelve (12) 72-hole championship tournaments in 2020. Each event winner will earn exemptions into an upcoming 2020 Symetra Tour event. Should a WAPT winner already be in the Symetra Tour field, the exemption will be passed down to the next available player.

The exact Symetra Tour tournament exemptions will be announced in January. 

Symetra Tour Exemption Tie-Breakers

Should two players be tied for an exemption spot, the following Tie-Breaker will determine the winner:

  1. Accumulated Points for the WAPT Season
  2. Year-to-date scoring average (speaks to overall consistency/performance and is something we would defer to rather than final round score)
  3. Scorecards Playoff – starting with the most recent round and working backward (#18, # 17, #16, etc)

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